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Measuring the wrist for a perfect fit.

The bracelet size can be determined by measuring the Circumference of the wrist. For some styles, the actual size of the wrist is needed. If the bracelet you are ordering has the SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE option, here is a chart that will help you determie what size to order.

If the bracelet you are ordering requests an accurate wrist mesurement, Please do not compensate for fit. I will do that. just measure the actual circumference of the wrist.

A sewing tape is great for measuring the wrist circumference.

If you have any doubts about how to measure, Please ask me for one of my measuring tapes designed specifically for this purpose.


Children: measure the child's wrist the same way as for adults. If this bracelet is for a gift, please use the child's age to determine the size. These sizes are estimates only.

Children's Sizing Chart
Newborn - 4.0 inches
6-12 months - 4.5 inches
12-24 months - 5.0 inches
2-4 years - 5.5 inches
4-8 years - 6.0 inches

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