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New Designs for Pi Interchangeable Stone Holders

Available in Any Size

Four Turn Vortex Energy Ring

The Nilsson Stone Holder
patent pending.
Made in USA

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    The Energy Ring
    Energy Healing at its Best

    Reported Benefits

  • *Calming: Return your body to a state of harmony.
  • *Energizing: Tunes in to the energizing pulse of the Earth.
  • Grounding: Feel that grounding connection to the Earth.
  • Stress Reduction: By allowing the balance of energy.
  • Lower Blood Pressure: Many report lowered blood pressure.
  • Increased Energy Flow: Why drink coffee?
  • Awareness of Breath: Become more aware of your body.
  • Thought Awareness: Become more alert.
  • More Effective Reiki Healing Sessions: "jump-start" energy fields for Healers and clients.
  • Works with the body to heal itself.

* Although Calming and Energizing are contradictory by definition, the reality is that the Energy Rings are designed to balance energy. This means calming or grounding for those who are scattered or in a confused state and energizing for those who are feeling out of balance or depleted energy levels.

Energy Ring wearers who report a calming effect, are usually those who have an over active disposition.

Energy Ring wearers reporting an energizing effect, are individuals lacking in energy.

My workbench since 1976 affectionately called "The Stump"

Isidro making the Energy Rings.
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Copper and Diamonds
Yes, I set diamonds and other stones in copper jewelry.
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What people are saying about the Energy Rings

Isidro hammers out the shapes of love itself... something for everyone, that they can wear and grow and know through sacred shapes... "other Life IS!"

The God force thanks Isidro for pounding out the puzzle pieces the folks need to wear and tune and grow. AUM

Rev. Dr. Michael K. - Spirit Quest.

Always Designing ~ Always Innovating

Wonderful product. You failed to mention that your rings are a Collector's Items. Making anything by hand like you do is limited to the few that you can produce in a lifetime. I'm happy to say that I have 2 of your rings and they are both a work of art. Thank you for making such a beautiful and useful product.

KB - Vancouver BC, Canada

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These rings are so beautiful, so perfect, so needed. I can't thank you enough. All 3 are comfortable. Recently I was making taylored seat covers for my daughter's chairs. The excessive hand sewing has traumatized my hands. Now I'm thankful I have these rings.

The rings were so beautifully presented in their little bags. Thank you, Valery B. - Redmond, WA


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