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Award for the
Bards of Puget Sound

Bards of Caer Pugetia
2009 Competitive Eisteddfod

This award was commissioned by The Bards of Puget Sound
and awarded to Moss on October 17th 2009

This 3 dimensional piece took close to 30 hours to construct. It is made of brass, Titanium, sterling silver and niobium. The front and back frame are made of brass. The front frame is the circle with Awen's Rays design as part of the frame.

The background is made of titanium which has been colored blue on one side and left natural on the back side where it is engraved with the event's information.

The salmon, seaweed and salmon egg cluster is made of pure niobium. The details are made using hand engraving tools. The colors are created by masking and controlled oxidation using a reactive metals coloring machine created in my lab.

The brass frame is file notched to accommodate the niobium layer and then all four layers are assembled and riveted together. The top two rivets also capture the 5th layer which is a new innovation of mine. The multi-function Bail. See images below.

The bail is a brass arc with a centering arm and two sterling silver rings. This bail can be used either with a cord on the brass arc or with a chain on the silver rings.

The silver rings can be used to wear with a chain instead of the cord.


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